maskOriginally from Minnesota, Tegan has also lived at Nottingham Co-operative in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve along the Pacific coast of Ecuador, in the historic Orange Gentleman of Ames, Iowa, and in a solar-powered hut on Namdrik Atoll of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

She loves: learning how to grow vegetables with Joe & Lonna at Onion Creek Farm; paddling through the Boundary Waters; practicing hatha & vinyasa yoga; bee-keeping; hiking near & snorkeling in large bodies of salt water; and cooking/eating anything that involves ginger, golden beets, black beans, or coconut milk. She has taught undergraduate composition and creative writing, facilitated therapeutic creative arts workshops at the National Alliance for Mental Illness of Central Iowa, and worked for the emergency youth residence facility Rosedale Shelter. She also makes paper/paint/found object collage and watercolor/ink drawings. See her work at Etsy.

Things We Found When the Water Went Down, her debut novel-in-artifacts, won the 2014 Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize and is forthcoming via Black Balloon Publishing/Catapult Co. in the Fall of 2017. She is also at work on three other projects: a speculative ecological novel called After the Lights & After the Water, a collection of linked stories about an intentional community entitled Tell Us Who You Are & We Will Call You By Nameand a nonfiction collection about the RMI entitled Ibwijleplep Aetoklok: The Highest Tide. 

She is a graduate of the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Environment at Iowa State University. Contact her at tegannia [at] gmail [dot] com.


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